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Hey guys,

We are TnT Lapse. That stands for Ticho and Tobias, and obviously Time Lapse ;)
Two friends with the same passion.

So we're from Antwerp, Belgium. We started photography in general after the summer of 2012 and almost immediately fell in love with time lapse photography. Part of that is due to Matthew Vandeputte's work, because he's practically from the same town as us, and I, Ticho, know him via via. :) We also viewed Icelandia created by Upthink I guess. That was in my eyes extraordinary, and still. So that's where it started.

I always write 'timelapse' in one word, but apparently it's written in two separate words. :p

We recently release our first project, the aftermovie from our trip to Iceland. Mostly video, some parts time lapse, because we didn't went on a trip to shoot time lapse. We travel with 2 other friends under the name of Rndm Travels (fb.com/rndmtravels) and that's all about traveling, shooting video and time lapse comes second, unfortunately. Otherwise we'd need a few weeks like most people shooting time lapse does.

Anyway, I also releases a new video yesterday, 'Stockholm at Night', that I shot in November last year. Only time lapse this time, which I like the most, obviously. Again, not much time to shoot the footage, due to travel restrictions, but you can't have it all I guess ;)

We just made a Facebook page where we try to update the things we're busy with. Mostly time lapse and hyperlapse, but I guess we'll be doing some simple plain video too, like our travel videos.

So you can follow us at: fb.com/tntlapse
And our YouTube channel is: youtube.com/user/tntlapse


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Welcome to the community!!! Awesome presentation and I hope to see your works posted here on TLN!!! Enjoy your stay and welcome again!!


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Ciao guys :)
Very nice to have you here on board! Don't forget to set your avatar and let us have further info regarding your gear!

Take good care and welcome home ;)
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