Hi from Australia!


New time-lapser
Hello from photoSentinel Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

We're a bunch of engineers and photographers who specialise in long term time-lapse equipment. We're passionate about story-telling through time-lapse and helping time-lapsers make money from their passion.

Don't worry, we're not just on this forum to spam you. If you're also part of the Timescapes forum, you'll know that we are proper participants in the community.

Generally, our comms guy Matt is the one who chats online, but some of the rest of the team might sometimes say hi. Please say hi back!


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
It's a pleasure to have you here on board, and I'm sure that your participation will be helpful and useful for the whole TLN forum community

Thanks for introducing yourself, waiting for your contributions! :)


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Welcome to the community!! We always appreciate to have people on the forum, whatever they do! Especially if they are experienced like you guys so we can share informations! Enjoy your time here!

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