HELP - Ramper Pro with Syrp Genie 3-axis system?

M Attef Ismail

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I have recently purchased syrp 3 axis system with long track to shoot motion control timelapses. and i wanted to shoot a holy grail timelapses which required to change exposure smoothly from sunset to milklyway until sunrises again.. this is hard to be done manually so i knew i should use one of those exposure ramping devices


does anybody know how i can connect one of these devices with the genie motion control unit?

Thanks alot


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hey Ismail,

I do not own a Syrp Genie, but my friends at Syrp are lurking this forum, and will hopefully reply publicly over too :)

take care


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They both use the same input spot on Nikon's... not sure how they could work together.

You may be able to use DSLR Controller, but I'm not sure how it would synch with Sryps move/shoot/move algorithm.

I have to hope the ability to bulb ramp via the Syrp ap is coming in the near future.


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Actually I have the same setup.
The syrp equipment manage the move/shoot/stop.
Beside that, I manage the holygrail with the DSLRdasboard application.
This application either is able to manage the shoots, but also when managed from any other way, just get the images and manage the control of the Dslr to change the parameters.
If that could help

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