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New time-lapser
Hi there! I am a film-maker and lecturer in Animation from the UK. I started as a stopmotion animator and moved into time-lapse about 4 years ago. I am fascinated with the way timelapse can show us new things about our world and how we interact with it and I always looking for new things to put under the microscope as it were.

My first timelapse was made in 2011 - and took 18 months to make. My work is slightly experimental, with influences from Stan Brakhage, Godfrey Reggio, Ron Fricke & Len Lye.

I've just finished a short film that explores the way nature has a way of finding a foothold - and using old tanks I wanted to create something metaphorical - to represent the fight. We make these weapons, seemingly indestructable, yet nature can soon reduce them to a fertile base from which to create life. If you want to take a look go to the showcase theatre.

Happy lapsing folks!!!

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