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Joost van Wijk

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Hi guys i'm Joost van Wijk come from the Netherlands. Always fighting angainst the lightpollution and try the best i can to make dutch timelapses. I started 4 years ago after i saw some National Geochrapic footage of the milkyway. For now i spent a lot of free hours under the nightsky if its clear in off. I just looking for better technic against dew in combination with 150x150mm lightpollution filter for my samyang.

Last february we where in Iceland. So here is the just finisht 4k movie.

Some others from the past years can you see here also. Enjoy!



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Hey joost
It's a pleasure to have you on board mate.
Thanks for the introduction

Can you please showcase the best among your videos in the proper section of the Time Lapse Network forum?

Thanks mate

Will follow up from there

Joost van Wijk

New time-lapser
Hey man thanks for the welcome words! What do you mean with the proper section? Like an new post or somthing? Just help me out my english is so advanced... thanks!

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