Hello - Prague: A Day in Hyperlapse

Ian Skriczka

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It took a lot of work to stabilise, but here's a short hyperlapse/timelapse journey that I shot in a single day while freezing my bits off back in 2015 on a cold day in the beautiful Praha/Prague, I decided to attempt a few long hyperlapses to take you on a little route through the city.

Shot on a Canon 6D with EF 24mm f/1.4.

Sequences available for licensing in 4K.
Music: Blossoming by Aulx Studio
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Ciao Ian,

A fan of yours - in the Italian forum - is asking how do you achieve such a superzoom effect (from very wide angle time-lapse, to the Bell Tower square for example.

I guess it's all about (great and skilled) post-production, while you shoot first a wide angle sequence, and then another one, and mix them using After Effects, but I'd love to know your point on this, if you can disclose the info


Ian Skriczka

New time-lapser
Hi Marco,
I sometimes use AE to blend 2 sequences. However the shot in question (0:20) the 2 sequences were joined using a preset in Premiere.

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