Hello, I am pleased to introduce myself


New time-lapser
Actually I guess I have been registered on this forum for months.
Just a few days ago I read the excellent article about the 21 mistakes to avoid, and this information boosted me about how to improve my timelapses.
I started milky way timelapse 3 years ago while during the night I was shooting only one picture with my telescope... like galaxies or nebulae...
Now I am only focused on timelapse included nightscape with the milky way or the moon.
My gear is based on 2 Canon 6D and lenses from the last Sigma 14mm 1.8 just acquired to a Sigma 500mm for the moon ... / also using Syrp items : Genie Mini and Genie Slider
Last point about the dslrdashboard I like tu use for Hollygrail sequences especially when I have to Dslr running...
My goal today is not only to try to shoot nice sequences, but also to try so share a message ?
Thank you for this site !


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Hey mate

I'm honored to read such words so thank you very much!

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Keep us posted ;)


New time-lapser
It's my pleasure !
I posted my last timelapse in the "Showcase your final creation" category,
I am interested to have your comment and advices about it,
Thank you


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