Hello, Guilty here!


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Because I was seeing lots and lots of things about you in my Facebook feed and was reading much on the Network, I decided to sign myself up!

So, I'm Stef, and make my work under the name "Guilty".
Living in an small village in The Netherlands and following an photography school.
I'm doing timelapse photography since I think around December, and powered with my D5100, 50 MM, 8 MM and a 10 - 20 MM I shot everything I can shoot :).

A few months ago I released my first timelapse video, but I'm not really happy with that anymore, because I learned lots and lots of new things which I didn't use in that video.
Much flikker and not the highest resolution..

Video :

At the moment I'm in Spain and shooting my second video. (I'm also on vacation, but it sounds way cooler to say I'm here for filming, doesn't it? :p)
If that video is done, ofcourse I will post a link!

Hope now you know something about me, and I can learn lots of things here, and have a great time!



Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Welcome guilty :) amazing to have you here too!
Hope the things you read were nice ones hehe!
We're working hard to make this site the most comprehensive available on the net.. So.. ;)

Take care


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Welcome to the community Guilty!
We're glad to have you here! Very nice presentation and I like your video! It's really well done (maybe there's a bit of flickering but that's it).
Waiting to see your next video from Spain!
Enjoy your time here and see you soon!
Take care

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