mesut felat

New time-lapser
Hi timelapsers,

Let me introduce myself to the community.

I am a photographer and timelapser, i started timelapse photography for about 3 years, i first used canon 7d with an intervalometer then started to use magic lantern to do the timelapses. I usually like to do timelapse of nature, historical places, movement of clouds and of course star/milkyway timelalse. I use lrtimelalse with lightroom to to edit and render my sequences. I use premire to edit and color grade ans occasionaly use after effects for debirding and other stuff.
I am now using sony cameras like a7ii and a6000 and i love the dynamic range of them as it is a must for timelapse photography i think. I havent got a chance to try a slider yet but i'm very much looking for it. That is all i want to say at the moment. I can happily answer any questions.

Here is my latest timelapse film. I hope you enjoy it.



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hey Mesut,
welcome on board first of all!

To be fairly honest? This would be AMAZING and almost ready to be featured as "Best of 2017" on TLN for me.

But... I found it too long, and each sequence taking too much time each.

Do you plan to release a shorter version of it? If so please let me know.. cause I'd love it to be on TLN homepage among the best ones.
If not, we can still feature it of course...

just wondering :)

However, if no future revision is planned, please head to


mesut felat

New time-lapser
Thanks for your feedback. I will consider a shorter version which is what asked from me a lot of times. I will let you know once i'm done with the shorter version.

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