Hello from the UK @ Videvo.net


Hi guys, my name is Harry - I'm a member of the team over at the stock footage site Videvo.

I saw you guys when you were first starting up a while ago, it's really nice to see how far you've come!

A bit about me: I work at a video production company in the UK, we do corporate videos, events, promos, etc.

Alongisde my day job I help run www.videvo.net a resource for video editors to find broadcast quality stock footage and motion graphics to enhance their productions for free!

I personally own a 5D Mark iii with various lenses, the company has a much wider arsenal!

Really looking forward to meeting some awesome people on here and seeing some of the spectacular stuff you've been up to!



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Welcome to the community Harry!
Nice presentation!
As you're a professional, it would be awesome to see some of your production (if you can show them :p)
Enjoy your time here and see you soon!
Take care


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Ciao Harry
Very nice to have you in this forum too..! I've seen you started with great passion, and this is what we love over here!
Thanks for introducing yourself and your project


Hello guys, thanks so much for the welcome! Yeah sure, you can check out the production company we run over at www.oxfordmediasolutions.co.uk :) it has some of our work in the portfolio and showreel. Stock footage is a really interesting change from corporate work sometimes, it's awesome to be able to do both! Haha, yes a lot of passion went into the development of Videvo! Exactly like here; it's nice we are examples of passion paying off!

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