Hello from the ocean!


New time-lapser

I'm completely new to time lapse photography but would like to reach out to the community for help.

In a few months I will set out on a 15 months sail around the world, and I would love to create a time lapse video of the entire voyage but have no clue how or where to start.

I would love to ask the community for help in deciding what equipment to get and how to set everything up.

Please help me figure this out :)
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Hey mate
Glad you joined it first of all

I've made sure more people will read your message which is quite particular as a request I mean :)

Take care and welcome


New time-lapser
Thank you Marco!

I appreciate the bump. I posted in another thread as well - I'm sorry if I double posted, please feel free to merge if you think it needed.

It's a tricky operation, especially without any experience; it's not like I will be able to re-set and re-shoot.



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