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My name is Juraj and I live in small village in Slovakia, I've started with time-lapse in 2009 with simple compact camera without intervalometer, so I had to push the shutter manually. I gathered about 40 maybe more usable shots, but in that time, I didn't know how to stabilize footage properly. So I went back to filming indie films, music videos, sports etc. At end of year 2015 I bought micro 4/3 Panasonic GH4 for filmmaking, but when I tried time-lapse after years again, it changed into passion.

I started to learn hyperlapse technique, everything about stabilization and I pulled out my old forgotten (only jpeg) footage from HDD and finally I have done it after years.

Now I'm working on some long-term projects (changing seasons, building constructions).
Recently I finished my first hyperlapse film taken in last winter and I would like to share with you. :)
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Can’t wait to see the result!

Welcome on board my friend and thanks for the detailed introduction

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