Hello from Poland!


New time-lapser
Hello everyone, im from Poland, I'm quite new in timelapses. Last year I completed my first hyperlapse video, which you can watch in this post. It's far from perfection, but I think I'm getting better :) It's great, that exists such community like Timelapse network!



Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
It's great to have you here with us Tomasz!

Good job and start.. Sure it was the first one?!? Bravo!


New time-lapser
Thanks Marco! Yep, it's my first. Also it includes first hyperlapse shot I've ever done :)
Now I'm finishing my second film, also about my home town. I hope post it here soon :)


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Welcome welcome! If it's your first timelapse then .... WOW!!!! It's an awesome start! Keep it up this way and we'll see great things from you!
Don't forget to change your avatar! :)

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