Hello from London


New time-lapser
Hi there timelapsers!

I got into timelapse last year, and I've only just completed my first project. Timelapse has quickly become a hobby, and I've now bought a motorised slider that I'll be using for my next project.
In my day-job I work in video post production and animation, so timelapse isn't too far away for me and there are a lot of cross skills.

Here is my first timelapse on Youtube in 4K:

Or Vimeo for those who prefer that, but 'only' in HD:

I hope I can contribute something to this forum.



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truly hope your hobby will now be getting to a paid freelance job as well my friend: welcome and thanks for joining the community!

Take care


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ahah ciao fer404, nice to meet you - although you did not introduce yourself properly with an avatar, and a separate thread!
But we love timelapsers, so nice 2 know you too!

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