Hello from Dublin, Ireland

Wonky Nut

New time-lapser
Hi guys, I am a video maker from the Emerald Isle, just thought I'd say hello. I'm not only using timelapse, I use many different styles. Nice to see so many talented people here!


TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Hi Wonky! Welcome to the community! What kind of gear do you generally use?

Wonky Nut

New time-lapser
Hi Alan! My gear is very limited, I've just finished college and have no money for expensive kit. Currently I'm using a Canon 600D with Magic Lantern and a 50 MM lens. I also use a Tamron 75 to 300 MM. I use various cheap tripods, and use my surroundings as a perch for the camera. Tomorrow I begin shooting on a Pansonic GH 2. I edit in Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, and I create music in Ableton Live 9.

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