Hello from Chicago


New time-lapser
Greetings all!

My name is Frank and I hail from the Chicogoland area. I am not a true Chicagoan, in the sense that, I currently reside in a suburb 30 minutes from what we locals refer to as "The City." I am new to the time-lapse and digital photography world, and use a Samsung NX300 camera. This is my first digital camera and it has been a breeze to learn to use. I recently made my first time-lapse video and posted it in the proper forum. If you happen to check it out please leave feed back as I strive to get better at this art form. I have also produced numerous other stop motion animation shorts, which is what initially sparked my interested in time-lapse video production and led me to join this network. If you are interested in seeing my other work, click HERE to view my best of play list. I look forward to seeing what this community can produce!



TLN Community Manager
Staff member
Welcome to the community Frank!
I will check out your works!
Enjoy your time here with us and happy time-lapse!
Take care


Time Lapse Network Founder
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Wow.. Ciao Frank from the US, glad you got here to this forum!
Will have a look at your works too.. Take care mate!

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