Hello from a Canadian living in Spain

Nobilis Bellator

Hi all, I have been following activity in TLN from my FB account and see so much going on here I decided to register. Bad timing because I will be offline for most of the month of August shooting in Serbia. But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...;-)

I was born in Spain almost a hundred years ago...hahaha But lived all my life in Montreal Canada. I came back to Europe thru Paris where I lived for 6 years then Madrid for two and now that I decided to take an early retirement to dedicate myself to my passion for Timelapsing, I live in a small village in Spain where I was born. A lot of my work from locations in and aroung this village can be seen on my Vimeo page.
I have seen threads of conversations which I could not contribute to not being a member, I hope I will be able to contribute soon and look forward to help from other members when needed. Congratulations to the founders of this forum as it shows off some really nice work from Timelapsers all over the world. I hope I can add to this in some humble way!

Cheers to all.

P.S: I decided to start my new life as an artist going the old fashion way hence the Nobilis Bellator name used for all my artistic work. My real name, some already know me is Jose.


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Welcome to the community Jose!!!!!
it's really nice to have you here and .... what a presentation!!!!! Well done!
It's a real cool story!!!!
I will check out you vimeo channel as soon as I can and really looking forward to see you lapse from Serbia!!!!!!
Take care

Nobilis Bellator

Thank you Alan, I should have registered here a long time ago but procrastination is the cause of not doing it, no excuse though...;-) I'm a tad of my usual routine because I can't do the afternoon siesta like they do in Spain now for having spend the last three nights in the mountains doing Milky Way Timelapses....so if you go to bed at 6 in the morning and wkae up at 10:30...hahaha you just can't sleep in the afternoon, hence here I am enjoying this conversation. I hope I will be able to find some time to make a fews sequences in TL in Serbia but that's not the goal of the trip. I am also involved in the production of a Humoristic Series with my daughter who is the writer and star of the series. She created Nash Snajka which in English means Our Daughter in Law that addresses thru humor the challenges of intercultural marriages. She married A Serb and this inspired her to write the series and she asked me to shoot it. Hahaha we just had no idea what we were getting into as we had never written acted or done any video shooting or editing when we started this in July of last year. Now she is a star in the Balkans and I am not joking...hahaha The series has been very well received in all of the balkan countries. http://nashasnajka.rs/ The episodes are subtitled in several languages, including Italian, Spanish, French and English and a few others. They can be seen on YT, VM and DM
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What a nice presentation Jose, it's very nice to have you here on board with us!

Enjoy your retirement :) and hopefully spend lots to time here with us too mate!!

Nobilis Bellator

Hello Marco and thanks for the warn welcome. One thing I need to share with all the members and that's the following: Beware of all the misconceived ideas our society has placed into our heads. We should start an association that would dedicate itself to banning the word retirement. This is a lie....I have never worked as many hours non stop without coffee breaks and pee breaks than since I changed my life and became an artist...hahaha I'm sure some thought that I would write since I retired...hahahaha

Well what really counts in life is that you love what you do, if you have that, then you're not really working...;-)

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