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Hi everyone!
My name is Nick Braun, and I am an amateur time lapser. I am part owner of a company that makes cable cam systems and have recently started developing a LineCam time lapse rig.
I hope that by joining this network of individuals, I will further my knowledge in time lapsing, and hopefully get some suggestions and feedback for my projects.
I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark3 and a Timelapse+ intervalometer.
Below are links to my media outlets, as well as a recent test video of my time lapse rig i'm developing.
Here are a couple pics of my developing project.

I literally just put this rig together from parts of our LineCam system, a few extra custom machined bits, and some goodies from circuit city, just for proving concept, before moving into design and machining.
Here is a video of last Fridays test.
This move was 150 feet long, about a 40 degree angle, the move lasted 3 hours, 690 images captured using a Timelapse+ intervalometer in auto Bulb-ramp mode and auto interval mode.

Follow me here:
Instagram: n3media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NickBraunMedia
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user11581809


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This is f**** crazy!! :) BRAVO!

Nice stuff.. how can it be so stable? Software stabilization?

n3 Media

New time-lapser
The device travels on 2 tensioned cables. If the wind gets above 10-15 mph you may see a tiny amount of movement, but that could be dealt with in post. In this test clip I had wind around 8-10 mph and did absolutely no post stabilizing with the footage, because I wanted to show how stable it was.

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