JC Mauguit

New time-lapser
"Bonjour !"

I'm JC a French AD/Motion Designer/Filmaker/Photographer : www.jcmauguit.com
A little bit swiss knife on the edges, I passioned myself for timelapse since 2011.

To my greatest regret, I have no time anymore to practice this passion. But I continue to be passionate and to watch as much creations as I can.

So I search to sell my motion control rail Stage One Plus (Dynamic Perception). It is almost new, I used it 3-4 times in a couple of weeks.

It's such a particular equipement that I don't know where I can sell it... Every time I tried, people were offering me prices way way too low because they doesn't know wich kind of equipment it was.

So, I hope I'll be more lucky here. If someone can give me specialise places to sell it in France (mainly) or abroad other than ebay;). I will be deeply thankfull.

Thx and have a great day everyone !!


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Bonjour to you, JC and thanks for introducing yourself!

Hope you'll find a client for your Dynamic Perception, and besides - have you tried pushing also on the FB "Time lapse photography" group?
TLN + FB + others might work :)

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