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An amazing journey around the Gruyère's Lake in Switzerland, from sunrise to sunset.

Up to 5'000 pictures was tooken to do this video in my free time, during 4 months.

The soundtrack is custom-made for this film, by myself.

Credit Music: Frédéric Perriard
Locations : Lake of Gruyère, Thusy, Corbières, Bulle, Le Moléson, Le Gibloux, Rossens, Pont-La-Ville, Ile D'Ogoz.



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hey Fred,
thanks for showcasing this first of all.

I recognise it was a good effort to put it together, although there's some flickr from now and then, ND filters to be used in daylight, birds to be removed if possible, and in general quite many too wide angle shots that don't get us more than just flowing water and cloud moving.

Overall it's a very nice start, but I believe you can work on a next one trying to focus more on a certain topic or story to tell, and give the audience more than academic shots.

Hope not looking rude actually, and hopefully being helpful with my advice

A warm embrace

Fred Photo

New time-lapser
Hi Marco,

Thanks a lot for your honesty and constructive advices. I greatly appreciate it.

I will applied that for my next project.

About the flickering, I used GBDeflicker with Ae, actually, I did not find the right fine tuning adjustment. Anyway, I will try to reduce flickering on the field to avoid a too big correction to do at the post production.

Funny things: during a shoot session, I saw (too late) a fly on the lense, that's almost ruined 2 hours of work ;-)



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haha I know how it feels :)

Next time you can try removing them too ;)

Thanks Fred,

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