Greetings, geology and volcano timelapses

Gerardo "Tito" Paez

New time-lapser
Hi everyone!

My name is Gerardo and I'm from La Plata City in Argentina. I work as a geologist, so I get to travel lot and I'm also a landscape photographer. About two years ago I started to explore timelapses for shooting my surroundings while at work as a geologist, and so far I have made to short clips about volcanic eruptions, and I'm currently working on a longer night timelapse featuring old and abandoned mining facilities at the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile).
I´ve been following the Timelapse Network for some time now, and finally got to subscribe to the forum. I 'm happy to become part of this community!


The erupting Copahue Volcano, in the Argentinean Patagonia. This was shot while on a field course with geology students:

The volcanic activity at the Big Island of Hawaii (USA). This was shot while on vacation with my wife:

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