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Hey guys!

My name is Lukas and I'm an engineer and grad student from Germany. I started shooting video in 2011 and quickly afterwards fell in love with timelapse. In 2013 I invested basically all the money I had in a small motion control system and have been putting it to good use (I hope) ever since. :)
I'm using a Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly with an eMotimo TB3 Black pan tilt head. On the rig is usually a Canon 600D with an ultra-wide-angle lens like the Tokina 11-16 or the Laowa 15, but sometimes I also use a Panasonic GH4 to shoot 4K video.
Recently I started getting into hyperlapse and I think I will be doing more of that in the future.
I'm excited to discover the works of other forum members and I'd be glad to share what I've learned in my timelapse endeavors so far!



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hey Lukas

great to have you on board mate! thanks for the detailed introduction, can't wait to see your works then!

Take good care, see you on TLN

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