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Hey there!

I'll keep it short;
At the moment I'm working on a graduation project. I'm doing research for, and will be designing an app which will help anyone with creating a timelapse. No matter if you're already a pro with a camera or a noob with an iphone, anyone could use the app.

(This means the app will include simple tips and the very basics for the noobs, but it should also include more advanced information and tips)

But before I can go crazy on the design etc, I need to finish research, and one of the most important things is to be able to show results of why I made an app, and not a book for example. That's why I've made this (VERY SHORT) survey. I know everyone hates surveys, and whatever I'll tell you now, you won't think differently about it.

Link to survey

But you know, everyone could use some good karma, right? Plus, while waiting for your camera during the shooting of a timelapse or rendering one, you can fill like 1 minute of your time by helping me!

Thanks in advance, and I'm open for feedback on the idea or discuss things!

With kind regards,

Mischa Brouwer


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Thanks Mischa, I've completed the survey online and shared this message on TLN social networks

Good luck with your project, let me know if you got interesting feedback in a month or so

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