Getting the settings right

Alan Chun

New time-lapser
Burning a Jostick.

This was a test (2nd attempt) to see if I could get the settings right and how the final video turned out.

Shutter - 1/2 sec
Aperture - /f5.6
ISO - 200
Interval - 5 sec

I used Lightroom for post editing and then imported into Powerdirector 15 to create the video. I am going to try another one using Pro Show at some point and compare.

The pan and zoom was created using Powerdirector as I haven't bought a slider/head yet.

What might look like flickering on the right side at the back is in fact the shadows of the smoke as the lighting was to the left and slightly forward of the subject.

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cool experiment and nice composition, good for the stock imagery if improved :)

keep sharing your videos ;)

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