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New time-lapser
Hi everyone!
Im'm a enginering student ad a amateur photographer.
Timelapse caught my interest almost instantly but i always struggled to even try that technique, there were no really end-to-end tutorials and my gear was not enough.
Upgraded the camera I started a first project, a interview/documentary (here!) of which I'm proud as a first try, even with all his flaws.
When I found TimeLapseItalia it began my main source of information about timelapse making, providing tutorials from the pre to the post, the gear etc
The great tutorial and the community drove me, with some friends, in a project of a TimeLapse about the city of Salerno, that you can find in the showcase of the forum, and many projects are still going on...

Now with TLN the community will grow and so will the shard knowledge, allowing all of us to create better TimeLapses ;)



Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Such an amazing presentation, full of passion just like the one you have for the timelapse technique!

Nice to have you here mate!

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