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Nguyen Hai Nam

Yes,i found those helpful tutorial video on youtube.... i think they can make your hyperlapse-making with LRTimelapse easier...

- Tutorial by Tuts+ Motion Graphics

- Tutorial by Rustad Media

- Tutorial by Indy Mogul

- Tutorial by SymbolicFilmsDIY (Not really a full tutorial,but this video will tell you how to use motion track for manual stabilization,you need it! when warp stabilizer fail and give you unsatisfied result! )

--- The guy who make berlin hyperlapse,he said he use motion track to stabilize,very impressive----

Good luck!
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New time-lapser
Thanks! I've looked just at the first one so far, but it's really really useful! I'm still struggling a lot with After Effects!


New time-lapser
A really helpful post - thanks. I look forward to going through the tutorials myself.

People might also be interested in checking out this blog I wrote a while ago: Top twelve best hyper-lapses. Of course, it's a bit old so lots more great hyper-lapses have been put up online since then, but it should give lots of inspiration!


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