Francesco Cerruti ( live on TV - Portugal

Hello brothers!!

As you saw on the title, next monday (tomorrow) around 15:30 (Portuguese/London time) I'll be live on TV on the main Portuguese channel RTP, speaking about timelapse and the evolution of my project and my work around timelapse in Portugal.

It's a big step for me, I've been working my ass of to share timelapse in Portugal, and be able to talk about it on TV, for me is huge!

It'll be only 5minutes of conversations, and I hope to have time to talk about the network. Probably It'll be streamed on this website:
There is a chance that, due to copyright, it might not be streamed.. let's hope that doesn't happen.

AND of course, I'll be sharing lots of posts on my personal facebook profile and facebook page.

PS: I'm scared as shit! Hope I can count with your support
I'm uploading the video to youtube as I type. I'll update this post as soon as it finishes :p

Well it was truly weird, I must say. I was never on TV, and it's quite awkward, I guess. It went well as it could be, we went the to promote the RTP Academy, which is a initiative for newcomers in the content business, where you propose an ideia and you have the opportunity to make it real. I was there in the second edition with Timelapse Portugal project (still to come, very soon) and than evolved to my current project "". Also we were there to talk about the evolution of the POST academy, up until today where we work at RTP (I'm the specialist of alternative ways to capture images, mainly timelapse, of course).
Unfortunately, the presenter "wasted" quite some time just talking about the name Cerruti (not my name, but the one of the brands) so it took quite some time away to talk about the projects. So we ended up only talking and giving info about the academy.

It was cool, in my life I only spent time on the viewfinder side of the camera, now being on the lens side of the camera was something totally different. AND i was pretty nervous all the time! ahahah

But had a great time! AND the presenter spoke a bit of italian, so I win the bet on Timelapse Italia!
I'm having trouble uploading the video to youtube. Ill place the video from my personal profile:
also, if you haven't already, place a like com ( I've been working on it for 3 years now, It's my lifetime baby project =)

Thank for all the support TLN and TLI team. The network is alive!!

HO.. and if anyone comes to Portugal, give me a head's up! Kirill did and it was a LOT of fun!!


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You are awesome my friend ;)
Thank YOU for everything you do and bravo! Can't wait to watch the video....

Ps. I'll surely ring you if I come back to Portugal

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