First ever 3 axis gimbal with Advanced Motion Timelapse mode ( move,shot,move)

I am so happy to announce the first 3 axis gimbal with advanced motion timelapse ,: move-shot-move: , I have been sharing my ideas and experiences to the Gudsen team to create this mode, after some deep tests i can confirm the gimbal can create combined pan and tilt motion timelapse up to 3 hours shooting , you can choose up to 5 different combined movements, trial movement to confirm the setup before start shooting and several details that made this gimbal a perfect tool for motion timelapse and hyperlapse footage

Is a pleasure Marco!
I been working with Gudsen team since March to develop this move-shot-move in a 3 axis gimbal, and we make it happen! Please let me know if you have more questions i can explain all the details of this new feature
This gimbal is on the market since April , they just released this new feature, the price is 600 US$
The name of the gimbal is Gudsen Moza Air
omg! what is that gimbal made of? titanium?
with 600 USD, you can buy a good lense even upgrade a good camera body

i mean if it is just small machine, i mean just a gimbal, that serve timelapse shooting, why cost so much?
omg! what is that gimbal made of? titanium?
with 600 USD, you can buy a good lense even upgrade a good camera body
I feel do you dont know what is a 3 axis gimbal, is a device to create stable footage, the price range is around 1000 US$ (DJI Ronin, Came-tv , Beholder, Zhiyun Crane) and they will not offer a professional motion timelapse.
This is is the first gimbal with "advanced motion timelapse" Move-shot-move system but as well is an awesome tool for video and hyperlapse shots,
This device can hold a setup of 2500kg, more than enough to use my canon or sony cameras with my heavier lens.Connection cables included to connect the camera to the gimbal and trigger your timelapses
600US$ for this complete device for videographers and now a very useful and portable solution for hyperlapsers is a really cheap price for what do you get.
Maybe you can understand this is a professional device for a very reasonable price , specially since you can take motion timelapses XD


Here you can see how it works, in this tutorial, this is the most affordable motion timelapse device with MOVE_SHOT_MOVE on the market, and is an excellent 3 axis gimbal too!


New time-lapser
I have one for 2 months now. I do some videos and the gimbal is very nice and work well but the advanced motion timelapse never worked and I've tried several times... few mails sending to Gudsen and the only reply i have is "we know there is a problem with the app and we fix this soon"... So if you want a good gimbal it's fine, but if you want a timelapse device think twice.

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