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Ok so I've managed to render a 20 second piece of footage with no major flickering or exposure jumps, but then I try and do it a second time to brighten the foreground (yep, it's the boat sunset in the test section!) but I'm now getting a few massive black flickers covering the top part of the sky. You can see the two jumps on the screenshot but I'm editing the sequence properly and not using the exposure Sliders at all for the holy grail Workflow. Any ideas?



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Thanks Stouch. There's nothing really. Entering the frames, it's pretty quiet down there ;) but I'll try the smaller reference area tho :)


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Sometimes even just a bit of a cloud or something small can interfere. Smaller will help you I think.

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LRTimelapse always shows the original previews - so if your blue curve shows such bumps, that's due to the previews embedded inside your files. It's not being caused by LRTimelapse.
Did you probably convert do DNG after already have edited in Lightroom? It looks as if the previews are already processed.

In order to sort that out, load the sequence into lightroom, reset all settings. Then chose "Update DNG Previews and Metadata".
Now reload in LRTImelapse. Apply "Shift-Reload" in order to refresh the previews there as well.

Please post any support questions regarding LRTimelapse in the LRTimelapse forum, because my time unfortunately does not allow to scan all forums in the internet frequently. Thank you for your understanding!


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So I did all of the above, and after reading some other info on the LRtimelapse forum, edit less "heavy" in LR and still get these little jumps of black from the top. Not too sure whats going on so I'll step back & return to it at somepoint in the future I think!! :)

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