Emotimo TB3 Black firmware problem



I've recently loaded in the newest firmware from Emotimos website:

Followed the video guide step by step and got the firmware succesfully into the TB3.

However, it seems my TB3 have some troubles now (in timelapse mode).

When I set up a new 2 point move and set my start and end point, the TB3 does not go 100% back to the start point. It's different how much it goes back. Sometimes almost all the way back, sometimes it barely moves. But it never goes precisely back to the start point i set. However, it does proceed with the normal procedure by asking if a want to start by pushing the C button.

The same problem occurs when I use the TB3 on my Stage Zero dolly. Here it's mainly the AUX stepper motor on the dolly that does not go back to the start point, but only a few inches back - and then the TB3 asks me if i want to start the sequence.

This is giving me unwanted timelapse sequences.

With the old firmware (1.1.108 I believe) there was no problems at all.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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I do not own a emotimo TB3 actually, but I'm happy to push my friends to get you (and the community) a reply to this!

Hope that helps - thanks Jonas!

EDIT - I got Christian's feedback and they will be in touch with you on this matter. Maybe you want to followup and let us know how it went? thanks!



Right now Emotimo are on the case. However it seems like I'm the only one that has ever had this issue.
The folks at Emotimo have been very patient and supportive - they will probably solve the problem within a few days
I'll keep you updated.


Hello again,

I was in the phone with Christian from Emotimo to clarify the problem and they have done a variety of tests. They found out today that the newest version (1.6.6.) of the Arduino software, used to load in the firmware, that made the issue occur.
Installed the 1.6.5. and loaded in the firmware according to Emotimos website, and everything runs smoothly now.
I expercienced a fantastic service from Emotimo, which is really awesome.

I hope this can help others experiencing the same issue with their TB3.

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I'm sure it would be like that Jonas!

Glad you solved it and thanks for letting us know how it went - really helpful


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Hi There ! I ve just had exactly the same problem with my TB 3 ..... THX very much fot that helpfull posting !!!
Cheers Yoo

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