Edelkrone Style DIY Time Lapse Slider with Panning Action


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Being purely mechanical, my panning action drifts across the image, so at close focus you have to accept that the subject will be in the centre of frame at some point, but not all the time.

Edelkrone have a motor controller where you enter the distance to the subject and it then tracks that position, but I would imagine that you need some kind of servo to provide feedback from the camera's position on the rail or more likely the controlling loop has to assume the camera moved to where it told it to go.


New time-lapser
Hi, i have been trying to work on a similar project as this one, and i have successfully created the linear movement of the camera with a nema 17 motor controlled with arduino, however i am wanting to create the panning movement such as yours however i am having trouble finding the rotational plate that you are using below the tripod head as the photo attached suggest. thank you so much in advance

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