Edelkrone Style DIY Time Lapse Slider with Panning Action


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OpenBuilds V-Slot section makes the construction of a camera slider about as easy as it gets. I wanted to keep my rig pretty short so I adopted the Edelkrone approach of having the rails slide in the tripod head at the same time as the camera carriage slides along the rails, both actuated by the same drive belt. I added a further length of V-Slot alongside the main rails to provide an adjustable panning action. The result is a moderately compact motion time lapse slider that offers 778mm of camera travel from a unit that measures 665mm long and weighs 2.4kg including the geared DC motor.

Not only is this my first DIY camera slider project, but these are also my first attempts at time lapse, so set your expectations to low!

More photos of the slider can be found posted here: http://uktripper.com/visits/diy-time-lapse-and-video-camera-slider/



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Thanks guys. I haven't costed it out, and to be honest, I think it would scare me if I did. Although the basic materials are pretty inexpensive, I seem to have run up an excessive bill to get to this stage. A quick look at the cost of the components, including video and time lapse motors and controllers looks to be around 500GBP/840USD, excluding carriage. I wish this was all I'd spent!

I built it over a 4 week period but I think it could be done in 3 or 4 days, maybe less.


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hey Andy,
this project is so cool!

If you think you'd like to share your knowledge and how-tos with the community, please drop me a few lines and you can write your own post on the site, linking back to your site too obviously :)

PS: you should remember to set your avatar.. :)

George F Bartan

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Nice project.I am interested in the math behind this project.What is the ratio between the camera movements in order to keep the focus on one point in the frame?


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George, sorry for the delay in responding. I'm not getting updates on the thread.

There is no math. For shots at minimum focus I'm using the focus tracking on my GH3!

Any math would be pretty complex in order to account not just for aperture, but also sensor size. At minimum focus, I think focus tracking is the only option, but at longer focal lengths it's not really an issue, and probably pretty easy to find the overall DOF if you have focus peaking (which I don't). The shot at 0.37 in the clip was taken with a D600 at f4.5/85mm at about 8 feet.

I must apologise for stating the weight of the first slider incorrectly. It actually weighs 3.38kg.

I've just finished my second slider that also works in the same way, but with the motor now centre mounted.

More photos here: http://uktripper.com/visits/diy-time-lapse-slider-with-panning-action/

George F Bartan

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Andy,thanks for the update. I have planed to improvise a time lapse contraption using my sons Lego MindstormNXT robotics kit.It has 3 motors that can be programed very easy.I guess that some basic trigonometry might help for such a project.

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