Earth Whispers Movie (First Post)

Brendon Gilchrist

New time-lapser
Hey guys I'm new here I have just published my latest time lapse film titled "Earth Whispers" I thought of what does the Earth sound like, how can we relate to the Earth, and how does what time lapse photographers see the world in a whole new way that others can't see, to vision where clouds are going, where water is moving to or where the stars are spinning to I think these are all whispers of the earth, it speaks but we can't hear it.

Captured all on the Nikon D750, mostly with the 24mm 1.4g, some 50mm 1.4D and the zooms with the 80-200 2.8D

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4K avaliable on youtube


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So sorry I slipped this, Brendon!

very nice sequences in there.. just found a bit too long for a timelapse, to be honest!

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