Dynamic Perception Cart sticking on the rail joints


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Hi guy's

Took my DP Stage One with me to Thailand for a commercial shoot last week. I wanted to use it is a dolly to run my camera along but noticed that it does not run smoothly over the joints between sections of the carbon fiber rails, specifically over the aluminium parts. It goes over but only with a push and you can see the 'bump in the final footage. I've tried switching rails around (I have 6 bars in total) but had the same problem with all of them. I've checked the rollers and they are not 100% smooth on the edges but when I look closely it seems it is the middle of the rollers that are stopping and not the edges.

Is this normal?

Anyone else had this issue and is there an easy fix?

Any suggestions on what to?




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Just to update anyone who may be interested. I spoke with Jay ay DP about the sticking, and he rightly pointed out my kit is old and first generation but also suggested removing the spreader braces and this worked a treat to make it smooth again. Just right for what I need.


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Thanks for the follow up Dominic

Actually I had pushed the conversation right to them too :)

Hope things are sorted and if you have extra news please let us know ok?

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