DSLRs guaranteed number of shots, and time-lapse


hello everyone
I turn to you because recently, I buy a DSLR (Nikon D5300) in order to satisfy my passion for time-lapse.
and since then, whenever I meet a photographer and I told him that I make time-lapse, you tell me I'm crazy because SLRs, are warranted for a number of shoot. and suddenly it will not last me long.
I read that my reflex was guaranteed to shoot about 100,000. knowing that I'm more than 100,000 shot in less than a year with my GoPro (which does not count the shoot). I'm afraid that my camera does not last more than a year! with no big financial means, that worry of having to buy an DSLR all if not much time.
that you thought of all this?
waiting for your answers
Sincerely, Tolkiehn


I am also really interested! I usually use the electronic shutter on my gh3 instead of the mechanical shutter because of those kind of warnings!
But I am not sure at all if this precaution does something better?
Here is a small article about electronic vs mechanical shutter !
Hope it helps even if I am not sure your D5300 has an electronic shutter...


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Well, first of all it's right: DSLRs shutters are guaranteed until a certain point, just like engines in our cars.
If you're lucky you can run 300,000kms with basically no issues. Others need severe maintenance after a third of that.

That said, on my Canon 7D I read I was guaranteed 150,000 times... Our friend @daduxio brought his Canon 5D Mark II much over the guaranteed shots, and he's still timelapsing.

So why should you be afraid of, or yet considered crazy? If you buy a DSLR you want to use it, right? ;)


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How I think about it : Just shoot. Don't be afraid of your shutter, Canon or Nikon just say a number they sure can handle, but your camera can be hitting even more in most cases. And in most cases, your tired of your camera before your shutter dies..

Aaron Priest

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I hit 228,000 with my D700 this week, it's rated for 150,000. I take very good care of it, but I shoot a lot of HDR panoramas and timelapses. A new shutter is around $300-350 from what people have told me. As Guilty says, I'm already eyeing a D810 replacement.... ;-)

Joel Schat

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I've hit well over double my limit on the 5d mark ii and going strong still.
My 6d had a shutter issue which cost me $220 to fix. this was after 300k actuations

In my opinion it is not something you have to worry about. That and Hopefully by the time you hit that many you will have made enough off of that camera to replace teh shutter with :)


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Same here, I am also well into "borrowed time" with my Canon. And I have worked with a 1D (unfortunately not for TL) which had over 1 million shots before the shutter died.

And you can also look at it this way: going to the movies is 10 euros for 2 hours of entertainment, whereas by the time you have to replace your shutter for 200 euros you have probably spent way more than 40 hours with it, so that it would still be cheaper per hour ;)

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