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Hi guys,

We have launched a new Kit. Do you want a small slider for travelling or hiking and a longer one for your studio? This kit is is for you.

Thanks to the simple and modular design of ZenSlider, we can offer you 2 complete rails with the length you choose, 1 ZenController and 1 motor.

This kit is a cheap an alternative to own 2 different lengths sliders. Note that you can not use both at the same time as there is one motor and one controller.

Remove the motor from one slider to the other just releasing 2 screws. A task of 2 minutes.

This is a taylor made order, as you have to choose the length of both sliders (up to 2 meters long).


Joey 1982

Hey guys,

I need to see more about this slider, reviews, and tutorials, also is it possible to mount it to a single tripod?

I want good reasons to go with you, because I'm lost among motorized sliders.


Joey 1982

I just watched pretty good videos on Vimeo. But I really want good reasons to buy it as I'm planning for Milky way time lapse and some videos.
Can you provide your email so we can contact easily?

Thank you.


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