DIVERSITY - Hawaii Time Lapse

Chris B

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It has been quite a while since my last time lapse film. Finally I was able to finish the footage waiting in line to be published. As always finding good music to feel the scenery takes a lot of time and sometimes is very frustrating. At last this score catched my attention and sound matched my vision. It was very challenging project and required a lot of planning and preparation. Here is DIVERSITY. Constantly changing landscape and beauty of nature. Please comment, share and most of all - enjoy.

Chris B

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Stunning places - great choice of the soundtrack Chris.

Enjoyed this a lot, would love it to be featured on TLN and TLI.

Will you please submit it details at

I will followup in the shortest possible time!
Hey Marco.

It's been a long time:) I would love to be featured. Will submit right away. Music was the hardest part. I searched it for weeks. Accidentally stumbled upon this song and loved it. Thanks for compliments.

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Chris B

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I'm sorry it took a while, but I'm struggling to find a problem on this forum which moderates not only spam threads, but also genuine like yours.

all set and submitted - thanks Chris!

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