Ditogear Slider and Omnihead in Himalayas - Battery


Need help regarding power supply for my Ditogear Slider and Omnihead(12 Volt).
Will be travelling to Himalayas for 10 days and there will be no power to charge
any battery for at least 7 days. Will be shooting Time-lapse as well as video.
Just wanted to know in such a scenario what you people are using?
which battery for your slider and how many batteries for 5D Mark III?
And what you people will recommend?


Thanks a lot Aaron really appreciate your input on this.. The Goal Zero looks really promising to be honest.

Aaron Priest

Active time-lapser
A lot of batteries are rated in mAh, but that's at the internal battery cell voltage and they don't always tell you what that is. For example, the Anker Astro Pro2 is a great battery for the weight, with plenty of output voltages and features, but it's labeled as 20,000mAh without specifying at what voltage or how many watts that equals. You can determine that the maximum watts are anywhere from 48 to 57 by multiplying the various output voltages by their amps, for a rough guess, but max output power doesn't always measure how long the battery will actually last. The Sherpa 100 is a bit more clear in its specs where it specifies 8,800mAh @ 11V or 26,400mAh @ 3.7V for ~97-98W for the battery cells. This is a true measurement of battery capacity. It also states a maximum output of 12V @ 10A or 19V @ 6A for 120W draw, but the actual battery rating is more realistic of true power in Watt-Hours to determine how long it will run. I wish more battery companies were this forthcoming. They probably would be happy to reply to requests for more information, but I wish it was right on their websites.


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Himalayas means cold, so batteries will not last much. So something like solar charger like Aaron says I think it is mandatory.

My personal opinion about lithium batteries is that they are commodities, so get the cheapest. You can find 12v 6800mAH / 200 gram on eBay quite cheap.

I will get a dummy battery for your 5D and a DC-DC converter to change those 12volt to 7.2v in your 5D. That way once your canon batteries die you can use your main 12v batteries to power slider + 5D.

Although a bit DIY, this is what I use to power our ZenSlider and ZenFocus devices and all the EOS and A7s cameras, all with the same batteries (12v). Although I don't need the solar charger.

Although you can make a rough estimation of how many hours will you spend moving the sliders. Ask for the power consumption of the sliders.

Where are you going to save timelapses and video for 7 days?


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