Displacement of pictures with interval function

Stefan Binder

New time-lapser

I have a problem with my timelapse in the last time.
I shoot them and then I always have some displacements in the middle. Like 1-5 pictures are moved down - and always with the same distance.
In the beginning I thought that I moved the tripod, but I'm 100% sure that I haven't moved it a millimeter today (really sure).

And its always the same. What makes me sure that its a camera/magic lantern problem is, that it switchs back to the original position.

Any ideas what I can google or even what the problem is?! Am I right here? Other forums maybe better for that problems?

About my setup:
- EOS 60D with ML
- Intervalometer set to 4 sec, 400 pictures, on tripod

Enclosed in a picture you can see the difference/displacement (left normal, middle to the bottom, right normal)

Big thanks in advance!


Here 4 RAW's as detailed example if someone wants to take a detail look. First and last are normal, and 6995 and 6996 are displaced.

Now I have to look through all the pictures, and the occurence of it is quite often.
Within 500 pictures are 13 problems (1-3 pictures with the EXACT same displacement)
(no idea whether this helps: its every 10-70 normal pictures in between that displacements... once more (max: 70) once less (min: 10) )

Makes sense? :(


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Stefan Binder

New time-lapser
Hey Guys,

Thanks for your answers, i got the tip turning off the image stabilizer on the objective.

It seems it was this.

After the last tour, I also found out that the displacement started after around 500 fotos OR as it got hotter!

Thanks guys!


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