DeSqueezing the Moondog for Timelapse- Tutorial

Hi Guys,
Using an iOS device, iPhone6S Plus I'm delving into smart device time-lapse creation. Given these cameras are getting stronger all the time and becoming more viable for the budget restrained filmmaker I've thought to see what they can do.

The following is a tutorial I made about shooting and editing a time-lapse sequence using an iPhone6S Plus in conjunction with the Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter lens. I used Lapse It app for iOS. Everything is explained here.


No worries Marco. I am really very taken with the quality of the final product shooting with the iPhone. One has to simply understand that this camera serves the niche to which it was created. It is not supposed to compete with DSLR's etc, for a smart device camera, it's awesome, and the versatility created by the Apps is equally appealing.

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