December in Ljubljana - timelapse/hypelapse


New time-lapser
Hello to everyone and happy new year:)

Please be welcome to check my new project, December in Ljubljana.
It was shot with Canon 60D and Fuji XT-20

Have a nice year and a lot of good light for timelapses!


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
what a great one, Kairos!

this needs a Best of 2019 award on TLI and TLN!

Would love to feature this on both Time Lapse Network and Time Lapse Italia.

If you're happy with it, please submit its details thoroughly at:

and wait for my confirmation here!

Thank you so much for doing so,

PS: Should the form hang forever, it's 99% sure I got everything actually so please do not submit it 10's times :)

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