Timelapse Workshops presents a dark-sky journey through Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley is well known for having one of the hottest recorded temperatures on Earth, but few realize that the park is also known as having some of the darkest skies in the country.
In early October a group of 15 photographers flew into the southwest to learn how to capture and produce timelapses, and more specifically, dark-sky astro timelapses.
Most of the students at the workshop had never captured a timelapse, but after the first few hours in class they were out capturing the the night sky - in motion.

This film was produced using timelapses from seven of the photographers during the two workshops. Students register for these workshops not only to learn how to produce
breathtaking timelapses, but also to experience the night sky first hand. Today, most of the country lives in areas where light pollution has made it impossible to view the night sky.
All we see when we look up are a few of the brightest stars and planets. Our workshops are held in locations where the darkest skies in the country exist. We choose locations
based on the darkness of the sky, while also choosing dry climates that help guarantee a successful shoot each night.

Our Spring 2016 workshops in Moab, UT are now filling up. You can find more information at:

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