Copyrighted music in non-monetized (non-commercial) videos?

Hey all. I'm just wondering if it's ok to use a music track by a known artist in a timelapse video which will not be monetized and is not published for commercial purposes? It's a personal project which I did in my free time and I just find that listening to hundreds upon hundreds of royalty free music is not how I want to spend my time... and my music taste is a lot different (peculiar) from what's being offered on those sites.

So, shortly, the question from the subject. Can I use it, or will my video be taken down?



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Long story short: you always need permissions to use such kind of music in your video, mate.
It doesn't matter if you use it for commercial or personal purposes only, they'll still put your video down :(

Much better to ask for permission, pay for the license of a less known piece or use alternative sources from great artists.

Moby for example.. he has a parallel website right for those kind of project.. can't recall its name


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I believe several did not get prior permission.. it's a very important matter, often not understood by artists.

I'm preparing a super detailed guide around this too

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