Controlling Long Term Timelapse


I'm actually working on a long term timelapse (construction) and I'm looking for a way to be able to monitor the images shot during the day from home (thru 3G/4G).
The choice of the DSLR is not done, so if anybody have already experiment a way to check the images thru the air (ideally with GPRS or 3G/4G connection) when doing a timelapse, I'm interested by your suggestions.
Thanks a lot for your reply.


New time-lapser
Hi Sylvain. I remeber I saw a solution for this. I have to double check with my coworkers if we have some files or link to share.


Sylvain DIDIER

New time-lapser
Hello marco,

I've already seen this article on the Facebook community (very useful). I'm also in contact with the guys from Photosentinel. But I'm open mind to others possibilities.

Cheers !


New time-lapser
Hi Sylvain. I searched the documents we had in our office. The solution is very tricky. Reading the review of Marco about the Long term Timelapse, I suggest to you to go with Photosentinel way.


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