Construction time-lapse Help: Power for Canon 5DmkII or Canon D5mkIII

Hi there
I am about to do a 3 week (indoor) construction time-lapse. I need to be able to power my Canon camera, either my 5DmkII or my 5DmkIII. So, i found this power bank, which sounded pretty cool because it outputs 8.4V that can be directly fed to my camera through the battery dummy that came with it AND can be powered from usb at the same time so it will work as a battery backup in case of power outage:
Ex-Pro® Canon On-The-Move 7600mAh Rechargeable Battery Power System replacing Battery Grip LP-E6
It does what it is supposed to do except: even though there is plenty of power on the pack, the battery indicator in the battery declines over time from 100% to 0% in about 8 hours. When it reaches 0, the camera just stops working. I tried hooking it up with a powerful AC supply to eliminate the Power Bank, same result.

Anyone here who has experience with Canon original Battery dummy, called DC Coupler DR-E6. Does this have the same behavior or does the indicator stay at 100% so that the camera can continue to be on for several days (or weeks) on an AC adapter or very large power bank.

Thanks for any help I can get on this topic.

Hi billboquet

Thanks for your reply! First, I think I actually found a solution yesterday, am going to do some more testing over the next days. I bought the original Canon DC coupler and noticed a great difference to the one that came with the ExPro PowerPack: the original Canon coupler does not identify itself as a battery like the ExPro one does. If the camera thinks it is a battery things can go wrong. When the camera sees it is a DC coupler you can power the camera on and off as you like without problems. I will try to use Canons DC coupler with the ExPro power Bank that outputs 8.4 Volts - seems to work fine.

I have not seen the Case Relay before, cool unit! The issue when buying power banks is that they are badly specified in the sense that you don´t know when they will Auto Power Off, can you charge and draw power at the same time and so on. I found that make some really cool Power Banks with an Always On function, but I cannot get it in Denmark at the moment. My plan is to set the ExPro PowerBank up with a 5V USB charger and use it for backup in case of a power outage. It has Always On on the 8.4V output and can be charged at the same time.

I will not be able to visit the equipment every day, once or twice a week, I hope.

After much testing I have now finally given up using a Power Bank. Now I am using a 12V Pb battery with a step down DC-DC converter.
The Pb battery doesn't power off, can supply plenty of amps and can be charged at will.
I hope someone can use this information, I didn't find much about it in my Googling.
If someone do find a good solution (that they have tested over time for DSLR time lapse purpose) with a suitable Power Bank, please let me know!


New time-lapser
I'm business in long term timelapse. The question for you is if you will use often such equipment, if yes, then you have solution to buy specific equipment for long term. The thing is price is not cheap, so if it's occassionnaly, will be probably too expensive, otherwise it's very good investment.
Those equipment can be as per follow
- Intervallometer for long term
- Power management to deal and save the max power with the intervallometer
- Battery that can be used with DC or solar panel, and just battery alone you could run for 2 weeks with power module management
Those will quickly go up to $900 US...
Hi again
I see. Yes you are right. Honestly for now, I don't know how much time-lapse I will do in the future. Just doing my first assignment and $900 is not what I am looking for right now :)
I was about to order a GoPro CamDo solution, but that is also rather expensive. This way, most parts I buy I can use for general purpose with my current equipment. (Pb battery and charger is borrowed from a battery flash generator I already owned, DC coupler can be re-used when I shoot video and so on).
My solution is not optimal, but it works well for the purpose (indoor, AC powered with battery backup).
Building an optimal solution might be fun, though :)

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