Capture One v Lightroom

A comment from that article which is exactly what I felt reading it :

Rex : "This was literally 5 minutes in Lightroom...with a low-res JPEG...And I'm not even a headshot photographer. It's not exact but I feel that the discrepancy between your two shots above really hurts your credibility for the rest of the article"

I never tested Capture One, maybe it's better, maybe not, but the article seems more like an ad for Capture One that an objective comparison.


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According to one of my friend who is a pro photographer, capture one especially shines for medium format and studio work due to advanced thetering features. Also very good for skin tones. I don't know for timelapse and landscape though. LR works great for me.
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Really helpful input, Oliver - thank you!
I believe I'll give it a try, anyway... ;) just want to be sure, you know..

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