Don Whitebread

New time-lapser

The best part of spending time in the American Southwest is watching the light change as clouds drift over the landscape and the sun rises and sets. I have made still photographs in the canyonlands for decades, and now time-lapse photography lets me show this spectacular country the way I really see it.

Comments and advice are very welcome.

Music from Rodeo, by Aaron Copland
Video is 4K, made with the Sony a7rii, LRTimelapse, and Adobe Premiere Pro


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I believe you did a pretty good job Don

my only "remark" would be around the music choice, as it's quite too... "quite" :) for a timelapse video which to me is "speed", not sure if I can make myself clear!

That said, sharing this with TLI and TLN social communities!

Thanks for showcasing

Don Whitebread

New time-lapser
Thank you for the comments and the promotion, Marco. I actually tried some more urgent music, like we are used to hearing in a lot of timelapse video of storms and cityscapes, but it just wasn't right for the tranquility and majesty of the Canyonlands. I liked the slower music in the Sonoran Desert video you recently posted, and looked for something like that, but more uplifting. Copland always sounds like the American West to me.


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