Canon 6D vs Nikon D610 - what's best for time-lapse photography?


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Ciao friends,

I would like to share with your this interesting comparative product review (written by our friends at focused on time-lapsers' needs.

Canon 6D vs Nikon d610: which one is going to win? :)

I recently set out to do an in-depth review testing the Nikon D610 and the Canon 6D, specifically focusing on the functionality and workflow for timelapse photographers. It was a tough prediction to make as it was clear even before the testing started that Nikon outshines Canon on some levels where Canon out-performs Nikon again on other levels.

If you are interested in reading the whole post, please proceed to this link.

Hope you find it interesting too :)
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Thank you so much for this link Marco!! Thinking about upgrading my D5100 to a full frame, and this 2 camera's we're fighting against each other to become my futher love..

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