Canon 600D: Why too much noise on 4K video?

Ovidiu Lixandru

New time-lapser
Hello everybody!
I'm trying make a hyperlapse and a time lapse video with Canon 600D (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II), but i have a problem. I try to do an 4k video but my night timelapse and sunsets are with noise (i mean when i zoom on the picture it's alot of noise) i play my video on a 4k TV 120cm and it does not seem at all a 4k video.
I'm wrong with something or the camera is bad?
What camera do you recommend me for 4k timelapse?

Here is a link with my time lapse and hyperlapse video, works only if you click on this link, the video is not public.

All the photos were taken from the tripod, 100 iso, F8, manual focus, raw.
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