Can I sell timelapse footage commercial license without running my own business?

Hi All,

I am not sure if a thread like this does already exist but if Yes then my appologies. I have been lucky enough to recieve a message form a commercial agency form France ( I am currently living in Ireland ) asking about part of my blooming flower timelapse availibility for commercial licensing. It is a great honour but in my case as an Individual ( hobbyst without running my own photography business,working full time as a factory operator) I am not sure what to do relating to legal requirements. Is or was anoyone of You in a simmilar situation and how did You deal with it? I honestly appreciate any advice guys.


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It all comes down to two things:
1. The legal requirement in your country regarding getting payment. You may need some kind of company or structure, at least for tax purpose
2. The invoice requirements from the agency in France. In some country you may need to provide your company or business registration number or tax ID otherwise the agency can't pay you. I believe this isn't a big issue, you can just create a basic invoice, check with the agency.
Thanks for fast respond. Yes I did some research and find out that I can't actually create invoice as an Individual but I can let my tax office know that I recieved additional income and as long as it doesn't exceed particular annual amount it will be added to my yearly income and my tax level will be adjusted.


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Well, you are in Ireland and the agency is in France, as long as they wire you the money and accept your self-created PDF invoice what's the problem ? ;) You are good on your side with your tax office. I would say go for it.

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